Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Auto Service, Laurence Harbor, Third Tuesday Event

Auto service in the morning. Odometer was at 112,367 miles. Also replaced the busted tire. After that, it was raining heavily but I stopped at Please Don't Feed the Wildlife on the way home. I knew it would be quick because it was at the Parkway rest stop near home. Had a leisurely lunch at home while waiting for the rain to stop, which it didn't. Headed out again and found PipsPackage, which was also not that far from home and in a familiar location because there used to be another cache by this part of the Saddle River. I got FTF on this and picked up one of the two FTF prizes, an LED flashlight. Second finder can have the Starbucks card because I don't normally go to that establishment myself.

After that, I went down the Parkway and endured the traffic delays to get to Laurence Harbor. There, I did all the geocaches that had been placed for the geocaching event on Sunday that I opted not to attend. The 7 geocaches took only 2 hours and at least I got the flavor of the area even if I didn't go to the event. Wish it wasn't raining the whole time though.

It was 8pm by the time I finished those geocaches but I thought I would swing by the Third Tuesday Beer and Burgers - 2009 Edition geocaching event at Fuddruckers in New Brunswick. There was a reporter at the event interviewing everyone for an article on geocaching in the Asbury Park Press. I don't have that newspaper up here so I'll just check their website in a week or so. I had nachos with chicken.

I left the event just before 11pm. While traveling up the Parkway, I had an idea. T_apeworm (New Jersey) is located in Newark and I hadn't been to this cache because I thought parking would be difficult there. However, I figured it wouldn't be a problem late at night and that turned out to be correct. A quick detour from the Parkway later, I saw that I had the whole block of parking spaces at my disposal and the cache was a quick find. It's on the Rutgers University campus, not an especially dangerous part of Newark. The Tapeworm project mentioned in the cache description is interesting too. Their goal is to tag unused/dead urban spaces with stickers. However, I don't like the idea because if it gets out of control, it would be as bad as graffiti.

Tags: asbury park press, auto service, flat tire, fuddruckers, geocaching, geocaching event, laurence harbor, tapeworm, third tuesday

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