Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Curious case of the Baja Fresh that moved away

I don't often plan an entire evening around one coupon deal -- usually, there must be a geocache or two -- but this was too good to pass up. I saw a coupon for a free Baja Fresh burrito (with drink purchase) in Wise Bread. I've recommended Wise Bread before but I think their daily list of deals alone is worth subscribing to their RSS feed for. They've covered many freebies and clearance items. Anyway, I figured I could get dinner at Baja Fresh, stop at the mall Sprint store to pay the monthly bill, and finish up with a grocery run at A&P.

So I went to the Pathmark strip mall in Lodi where I thought Baja Fresh was located, only to be confronted with an empty store. Weird. I checked Google Local on my cell phone to get their current phone number and called it. Found out that they had moved a few miles down the road to a new strip mall in East Rutherford. While still on the phone with them, I asked for a few nearby landmarks so I wouldn't miss it while driving down the highway. Good thing I got directions. The only thing marking the entrance to this strip mall is a banner with just the word "OPEN". I had a nacho burrito.

The Sprint store errand didn't go so well. I got there and was informed that Sprint at Garden State Plaza no longer takes payments. I guess I'll go to 3P Center later this week instead to take care of that. Finally, I went to A&P in my neighborhood. I prefer Pathmark for their scanning accuracy and general non-combativeness of their employees but A&P has special coupons this week where you get some really good deals if you spend $15. However, it's complicated because some of those coupons are good for multiple use and the cashier has to scan those multiple times. Of course, he screwed it up. I noticed that when I checked the receipt and had to stick around to ask them to fix it. Saving money is not without effort sometimes. Final score: 2 out of 3 errands.
Tags: a&p, baja fresh, garden state plaza, sprint

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