Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

From doodle to sidebar graphic to browser hell revisited

Started as a doodle. Ended up as a white outline graphic on the right side of my Recent Entries and Friends pages. And here's the story of how it got there.

Did a small sketch on a Canson pad and inked it with one of the many pens lying on the kitchen table. (Not very professional. Hah.)

Scanned it using the Microtek Scanmaker into Photoshop Elements 2. Now this has to be a wonder of modern-day consumer grade image processing software because it was a mere three-step process to turn a B/W scan into a white outline on a transparent layer, and I'm sure I wasn't even doing it the quickest way. The hardest part was figuring out what the second step should be. (non-contiguous magic eraser is my friend)

Okay, so I saved the image as PNG-24 with alpha channel (whee!), uploaded it, added a few lines of CSS to my custom style. And it looked fine in Phoenix. Great! A few minutes later, I checked with IE6/Win and ugh...

As I had just discovered, IE6/Win does not have full PNG support. Specifically, if it doesn't render alpha transparency but places the image in a solid-colored box instead. Actually, it does handle alpha transparency but only if the HTML is rewritten to use Microsoft-specific DirectX extensions to CSS! Blegh!

Oh well... so much for that plan. For now, I'm using a transparent GIF image that is not anti-aliased. Gee, thanks Microsoft. :/

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