Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Western and Northwest NJ

Sunny and humid day that topped out at a bit over 80°F. There was a chance of rain in the weather forecast but it never happened. I went to Western NJ but not the usual way to Blairstown. Instead, I did some geocaches up by Sparta and Fredon before hitting the Paulinskill Trail. Finished the day in Swartswood State Park by the old mill. All those were areas I hadn't been to in a long while so there were lots of geocaches I hadn't found. I got 26 and there are still more for another day.

Went to Arby's in Hackettstown for dinner. As usual, I picked up 6 regular roast beef sandwiches. Brought 3 of those home.

Tags: arby's, geocaching, western nj
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