Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Western NJ again

Another hot and humid day. It rained briefly in the early afternoon but didn't rain again until dusk. Started the day with a few geocaches in Hanover and Randolph. Then I went to the Paulinskill Trail in Stillwater again to continued what I started on Saturday. Finished the day with a few quick geocaches around Swartswood State Park and then went to Arby's in Hackettstown for another 5 for $5. Brought home two of those regular roast beef sandwiches. Combined with the three I brought home the day before, my fridge is now well-stocked with Arby's roast beef sandwiches!

The most unusual geocache of the day has to be Pipe Dreams. The cache itself was fairly ordinary but the location and method of access were strange. The quickest way to the cache site was through one of the large pipes left in the woods by the town. I thought I would have to crawl but this pipe was big enough that I could get into a squatting position and walk like a duck all the way along the pipe. As a bonus, it was raining at the time but I kept dry inside the pipe and the rain stopped when I exited the pipe.

Tags: arby's, geocaching, western nj

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