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Western NJ, Western NJ, Western NJ, and the Slate Belt

I took Monday off to turn it into a 3-day weekend and made an all-out effort to finish off Western NJ geocaches along the Route 46 corridor. Here's how it went down:

Saturday was a hot day. At the very first geocache site of the day, I think I lost my keys!!!!, I ran into Kenvilguy. It was funny. I saw him standing right at the coordinates so I figured he might be a geocacher. When I got out of the car, he said "I think I lost my keys!" Then I said "I think I lost my keys too, even though I just parked!" I was glad for his help in the search. The geocache turned out to around 170 feet away from the coordinates and we pretty much checked every possible hiding spot in the area before finding it.

After that, I went further west to Great Meadow, Townsbury, and Pequest. Did a lot of walking around the rail trails in the Pequest River area. Finished just before dusk and went to Arby's in Hackettstown for dinner. They didn't have the 5 for $5 deal any more so I got 2 toasted subs for $4.

Sunday was a rainy day. However, I did bag a FTF at Friday goes to camp... before the downpour started. It's at Camp Bow Wow, apparently an upscale daycare for dogs, in Elmwood Park. Then I continued heading west but got caught in the rain. The downpour was so heavy that I decided to stop at Rockaway Townsquare Mall and wait for it to pass. While waiting, I had a free iced latte at McDonald's in the mall. That was a good reason to always bring my bag of coupons along.

After about an hour, the rain had mostly subsided, so I continued further west. Did geocaches in Oxford, Buttzville, and Belvidere. A number of those geocaches were along a continuation of the Pequest River Trail in Buttzville and the rest were scattered around. I visited Hot Dog Johnny's in Buttzville since The Original Cache was near the entrance. This is the only place I noticed with buttermilk featured so prominently on the sign, so I tried that. Uhh... it's probably an acquired taste. It's a tart dairy drink that tastes like unsweetened yogurt.

Dinner was at Arby's in Hackettstown again. This time, they said that I could still get the 5 regular roast beef sandwiches for $5 deal even though I was told otherwise the day before. It probably depends on who I ask. So yes, I got 5 sandwiches. Ate 3 there and took 2 home.

Monday was another hot day but not rainy. I did 3 geocaches in Knowlton and Belvidere. Then I crossed over the Delaware River to Pennsylvania. Originally, I'd planned on doing Stroudsburg after Western NJ but I got sidetracked and ended up finding a bunch of geocaches in Lower Mount Bethel, East Bangor, Bangor, Pen Argyl, and Wind Gap. Pretty much covered the Slate Belt there.

The most amazing geocache of the day was Callies Farm:The Ritz-Carlton of Travel Bug Hotels. It's the most elaborate one I've seen in a long while, maybe ever. From the outside, it looks like a large cabinet on a tree but open it up and it's a dollhouse with multiple levels and miniature furniture!

Dinner was once again at Arby's in Hackettstown. I asked but they didn't have the 5 for $5 deal this time. As I figured, it depended on who I talked to. So I got 2 toasted subs for $4.


Nursery Rhymes in the Woods (New Jersey)
Pequest Fish Hatchery (New Jersey)
Pequest River Trail (New Jersey)
Fly Away Home (New Jersey)
Pequest Dolmen (New Jersey)
Grounded Magnet (New Jersey)
Tie one on (New Jersey)
NJCC: Logan (New Jersey)
Logan Parking (New Jersey)
There's a trail there.......??? (New Jersey)
Dead Dog Lake (New Jersey)
Pequest Dog Training (New Jersey)
Townsbury Fishing Access (New Jersey)
Champion Wraith (New Jersey)
Field Of Dreams Cache (New Jersey)
Flavidus (New Jersey)
Start a Camp Fire (New Jersey)
I think I lost my keys!!!! (New Jersey)


Pequest fishing acces wierd (New Jersey)
Cache With No Name (Yet!) (New Jersey)
Batter up Belvidere (New Jersey)
Tiny Often Empty Park: Belvidere (New Jersey)
Brass Castle Cache #1 Hazen (New Jersey)
Buckhorn Creek Cache (New Jersey)
The Back Door (New Jersey)
In Loving Memory (New Jersey)
The Original Cache (New Jersey)
Which way do I go? #1 (New Jersey)
Where does this trail go?? (New Jersey)
Upper Deck (New Jersey)
"...........would it make any noise?" (New Jersey)
Which way do I go? #2 (New Jersey)
Caching In Buttzville (New Jersey)
The wild vent Cache (New Jersey)
Paracelsus: Gnome (New Jersey)
Pectus Excavatum (New Jersey)
Friday goes to camp... (New Jersey)


8th Street Bridge (Pennsylvania)
McD512 (Pennsylvania)
Donut Cache 3 (Pennsylvania)
Wind Gap Park (Pennsylvania)
Rest n' Peace 18 - Evergreen Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
Missy's Micro 1 (Pennsylvania)
Bowlarific (Pennsylvania)
Rest n’ Peace 14 - Tribute to Jennie Rice (Pennsylvania)
Callies Farm:The Ritz-Carlton of Travel Bug Hotels (Pennsylvania)
Callie's Farm: Liar Liar (Pennsylvania)
Callie's Farm: The Big Black Bucket (Pennsylvania)
The 611 Six - Old Union Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
The 611 Six - Reformed Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
The rivers edge(travel bug hotel) (Pennsylvania)
swimmers ear (New Jersey)
Harry's Dried Flowers (New Jersey)
Historical Farmstead (New Jersey)

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