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Ever onwards

So what's new at work? For a while, it looked like we were making progress on a project design that I started April of last year! Having meetings, considering our options, nailing down the details... now, it's back to wait and see mode again while management figures out what exactly the customers want. Oi!

The more you work in software development, the more you learn that customers want all kinds of things under the sun. You can only hope to deliver on a select few features if you want to do those well. If you try to do everything, the net result will be a bug-ridden unmaintainable pile of junk, to put it nicely. So do we try to do a few things well or do we try to do everything poorly? Here, at the funny farm, we just hack out workarounds and patches at the last possible moment most of the time. *sigh*

Anyway, given the wait and see attitude, I had time to take a peek at LJ to see if there are other LJ users, especially from Hudsonfur, that I know. Indeed there are so I added them to my friends list. Yay!

Also, I finally wrote my LJ bio. There really is nothing much as I'm horrible at writing about myself. I remember when I had to submit a bio back when I was a panelist for Anthrocon. Boy, that was excruciating. Easy for some, major stumbling block for me. Guess everyone will have to figure out what I'm about from my journal entries. Hmm...

Speaking of LJ, I noticed that I wasn't getting any LJ notifications. Yeah yeah... I know... it's because hardly anyone ever responds to my entries or comments. :) It turns out that SpamCop is blocking e-mail from LJ for some reason. I have added to my whitelist to see if that helps.

After work, I headed over to Newark to find this geocache. For a geocache, this is pretty unusual and imaginative, although I heard there are a few other similar caches elsewhere. Describing it here would probably spoil the search for someone else but I think you can get the gist of it by reading the cache description and looking at the maps. Suffice to say this is one cache where I didn't encounter any ticks or bugs but a certain kind of worm was in attendance. :)

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