Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Western NJ, Central Jersey

My first stop on Saturday was Dog Days of Summer, an hour-long geocaching event at nearby Ramapo Reservation. Then I headed out to Western NJ. I was planning to go to Stroudsburg but there were more than enough geocaches in Western NJ for the day so maybe next time. Four of the geocaches were in Jenny Jump State Forest. For "The Kissing Tree", I summited Jenny Jump Mountain. It wasn't that impressive a peak -- just a boulder pile at the top of an incline and there is a shortcut from the last campground at the end of the park road. Dinner was at Arby's in Hackettstown, where the 5 regular roast beef for $5 deal is apparently available once again. (On previous visits, it was either available or not available depending on who I asked.)

Sunday was a hot day. The temperature was over 90°F at midday. I wasn't planning to go very far so Central Jersey it was. When I got to "Ash Cache Dash", I noticed that the swamp was dry. Even the stream bed was dry. This was a situation that I definitely had to use to my advantage so I ventured further in and got "Ash Cache" as well. After that, I went to another swamp to take a stab at "Out (in the woods looking for a) House". That area was dry too. What luck! Instead of making a perilous stream crossing, I merely walked directly to the cache site. Dinner was at On The Border in New Brunswick. I had a coupon from the mailing list so I might as well use it. That turned out to be quite a lot of food. I had chicken taco, rice, and refried beans, Mexican chopped salad, and sopapillas.


Hotel-Washington,NJ for geocoins and bugs (New Jersey)
JAB#7 (New Jersey)
Downtown / Main Street USA: Belvidere N.J. (New Jersey)
Pequest rock fish (New Jersey)
Totally Tubular at Bear Creek (New Jersey)
Crazy Cave Jump Cache (New Jersey)
The Kissing Tree (New Jersey)
Thunderstruck (New Jersey)
rock rock till you drop (New Jersey)
Foolin (New Jersey)
Pop a Top Again (New Jersey)
All Hallows Eve (New Jersey)
A NJ Walk About (New Jersey)
Green acres 94 (New Jersey)
Denville Pedestrian Bridge (New Jersey)
Forgotten Rock Wall - Wilcox Park (New Jersey)
Dog Days of Summer (New Jersey)


On the Edge (New Jersey)
my pal puma's cache (New Jersey)
Out (in the woods looking for a) House (New Jersey)
Ash Cache (New Jersey)
Ash Cache Dash (New Jersey)
Fortress Park Micro (New Jersey)
Pinkish Floyd "The Wall" (New Jersey)
Oak Tree Pond (New Jersey)
Give 'em Hell from Avenel (New Jersey)
Avenel Park Woods (New Jersey)
Rahway Firehouse #1 (New Jersey)
A cache by a key (New Jersey)
Waiting on the #10 Bus. (New Jersey)
For Linda! (New Jersey)
Scooby: The Spirits of '76 #14 (New Jersey)

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