Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The other grind

Funny thing. Even though I didn't have to wake up early and I didn't set the alarm clock, I actually woke up earlier than usual and eager to go instead of the usual having to drag myself out of bed. Well, so far, the notion that not going to work means I have a lot of free time has been shot to heck. I still have goals and many things to do to pave the way towards said goals. In addition, everything I've been doing on the side thus far is now primary. This will be good.

So I started the day with some investment research shortly after market open. Also did some accounting (and scheduled the tax-planning work for later in the week) and finished assorted paperwork that I needed to bring with me on the midday errand run. Went to town to do some banking, librarying, and post officing. Prepared lunch. After that, I had to drop by at the former workplace to return a key fob that I forgot to bring with me on Friday.

By then, it was late afternoon. Whew. Time for a bit of recreation. First, I went for the Bike Ride geocache in Nutley. Very quick one. Then I did The Tin Man's Memorial Island, a 3-part multi, at Edgemont Park in Montclair. This was actually quite entertaining. The "Tin Man" is a sculpture made of recycled tin cans. Then I added one more cache to the list since it wasn't far away and I still had time. So I went to Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange for NJCC: Matterhorn. It was a short walk on the Lenape Trail but pretty nice as it was 10 degrees cooler in the woods.

On the plus side, I may actually get to bed before 4am because I could get all the non-job work done during the day. Unless, of course, I start working on photos. Lots of free time. Yeah. :)
Tags: geocaching, montclair, nutley, unemployment diaries, west orange

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