Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Delaware, Day 0

I didn't do a whole lot of cache planning for this trip because it isn't supposed to be about geocaching. I just downloaded a bunch of cache coordinates to the GPS and relied on the cell phone when I needed more information out in the field.

I did four geocaches before leaving the state because of a horrible traffic delay on US-1. I just figured I'd wander around South Brunswick and Princeton a bit instead of waiting in traffic. Then I crossed over to Pennsylvania and went to Oxford Valley, Levittown, and Bristol. Found lots of geocaches from the Geotruckers series. Those were all along my route from US-1 to I-95, using the most unorthodox directions possible. Once I got onto I-95, I went directly to the hotel since it was dusk by that time.

Dinner was the Italian-style buffet at the hotel restaurant since it cost a lot less than I would've thought. (And yeah, it's tax-free too. :) )

Tags: delaware, geocaching, northeast philadelphia

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