Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island and Orange County

Good weather on Sunday. Temperature was 70°F to 80°F most of the day. I went to Long Island. This will be one of the last few trips I'll make to LI for a while so I made it count. Went west to east along the southern half of the island. Then turned around and picked up a few geocaches along the northern half. Most of the geocaches were quick but I did find the time for two significant hikes for "South of the Boardwalk" and "The Lakeland Underground". Dinner was at Curry Leaves in Flushing Center. I had curry mee with stuffed vegetables and roti canai. I'll miss this kind of unpretentious ethnic dining.

I'd left my walking stick at Memorial Field in Rutherford on Saturday so on my way back from NYC, I altered my route a bit and swung by Rutherford. The town is a lot quieter at night. I found my walking stick on the grass. Since I was there, I checked the cache hiding spot and was puzzled to not see it there. I hope that's because someone moved it a little and not because it has already gone missing.

Monday is my substitute for that rainy Saturday. I had to go to the post office first thing in the morning to pick up a package that Meritline mailed all the way from China with certified mail. Considering that this is a pair of $3 LED flashlights with free shipping, I doubt Meritline actually made any money after shipping costs. I also had to mail another book that I'd sold in the Amazon marketplace. Considering that I listed that book only the night before, it's a pretty fast sale!

After that, I went to Orange County. Got lots of quick caches but then I ended the day with a 4-mile hike in the Stewart Airport Buffer Zone for the last 6 geocaches. Long walk but that was satisfying!


Leeloo & Korben's Catahoula Cache (New York)
Lost Bob's Home Again (New York)
Caravan Cache (New York)
The Lakeland Underground (New York)
South of the Boardwalk (New York)
A.A #6 (New York)
Saki 4K - Better late than never! (New York)
Ophidia (New York)
biggoron's cache frenzy #1 (New York)
biggoron's cache frenzy #2 (New York)
100 MAM Cache Challenge (New York)
LI Libraries #4 Port Washington (New York)
LI Libraries #3 Manhasset (New York)
Random Caches 20 - Kings Point Park 2 (New York)
Random Caches 19 - Kings Point Park 1 (New York)


Take a walk in the buff (New York)
SF#6 (New York)
One More for the Road (New York)
Stuck Up (New York)
Buffer Hunter Series: #2 - Swamp Water Apples (New York)
Buffer Hunter Series: #1 - Shelved (New York)
Real Easy Buffer Zone Cache (New York)
Home Run (New York)
This Town Needs a Micro (New York)
Hamptonburgh Preserve (New York)
OCLP- William Bull (New York)
OCLP- Purgatory (New York)
OCLP- Tomahawk Lake (New York)
OCLP-Cherry Hill Rd. (New York)
Abandoned Railroad cache (New York)
OCLP -CITO (New York)
the ol' ball field (New York)
just another quickie #2 (New York)

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