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Oh no, not another Philly area cache dash!

Seems like I just went there last week. Oh wait. I did go there last week! One of the geocaches is over on the NJ side but close enough to Philadelphia. After all, what's a Delaware River between friends?

On the plus side, it appears most of the snow down that way has melted. There was still some snow in Fairmount Park and some other places but not the kind of snow that will soak you up to your knees.

Went across the Ben Franklin Bridge and then the wrong way up I-76 to Clark Bark in West Philadelphia. But it's all the same anyway, plus or minus a number of city blocks. Very easy find. Too many people around. A dog will probably find the cache and then the cache owner will have to eat more Altoids. I'm not making this up!

Next I went across the river on Chestnut St to 19th St to Hop-A-Long. Hard to find parking here. I parked at a parking lot and paid the attendant the Sunday rate. But I also used his portable toilet so that's worth it. Rittenhouse Square is where I went with digeri to find a cache at 2am the night before Anthrocon 2001. Those were crazy days.

Next, I continued driving down Chestnut St to 8th St to Catherine St and parked in the Rite-Aid lot next to What Happened Here? Charming neighborhood. Aside from the Rite-Aid, there were lots of small stores and restaurants. None of them looked like cheesesteak places though.

After that, I went back up 9th St to Race St to I-676 West to I-76 West to Lincoln Drive. And after driving around the neighborhood roads a bit, I parked on a side street and went for Sprawl Buster in Wissahickon Park. Most of the walk was just to get to the trailhead because that side street was half a mile away. There are a few steep places in Philly and this, a river gorge, is one of them. The trail wasn't steep though but where the cache was located, I had to descend a snow-covered slippery slope.

Went back to I-76 to Gladwyne to MLF1: Pen-y-bryn in a Lower Merion Township park. My second attempt at this cache. But this time, it was super easy to find. Don't know what went wrong the last time but I think there was something in the logs about the cache not being in the correct spot. There are a number of ruins in this park and I went to take a look at those after the cache.

Back down I-76 and across the Walt Whitman Bridge to I-295 to Route 44 to Field of Dreams in West Deptford. Field of Dreams is the actual name of this ballfield and playground area. The cache was a short walk into the wooded scrub oak area of the park. Another easy find.

Got a late lunch at the Wawa store on the Black Horse Pike (Route 168) in Runnemede. That touchscreen sandwich terminal is cool but they were out of egg salad today so I had to have a chicken salad sandwich. Also got the corn chowder. Then I brought the food outside and ate in my car in the side parking area. And as I was eating, I happened to look over to my right and there was another guy also doing the same thing in his car! Wawa dining. It's the thing to do in South Jersey. Wawa also appears to have the cheapest gas along that road but I still had 3/4 tank at the time. Darn.

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