Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Orange County

All the wooded areas were soggy from the previous day's rain but it didn't rain today and the temperature was rather autumnal. 63-68°F. I went geocaching in Orange County. Got 17 in that county and one just across the Delaware River in Pennsylvania.

The town of Monroe is rather uptight about barring non-residents from its park. Apparently, one has to get a special Park Photo ID to enter Smith Clove Park. There are dire warnings posted at every entrance about this and a guard posted at the main entrance. That's insane but it's their prerogative though. Since the town pays for the upkeep of the park, they can exclude non-residents using whatever method they deem necessary. Still, I think it would be fairer to all to charge a user fee. Let individuals decide if they derive sufficient enjoyment from the use of the park to justify paying the fee.

The other odd thing I noticed is among the list of rules posted at Benedict Farm Park in Montgomery is a rule against profanity and offensive language. D**n! Uh, excuse me. :) This is a interesting park though. It was recently converted from a farm so you can still see the barns and silos, the farmhouse, the "Pumpkin Express", and the pasture. (for the cows that used to be there. I saw a milking station too.)

All the restaurant mailing lists I'm on sent me birthday coupons a week in advance of my birthday. So I had about a dozen choices depending on what's available in the area. This time, I went to Chili's in Middletown because it's just off the highway on the way home. I had a Jalapeno Smokehouse Bacon Burger and a White Chocolate Molten Cake. How decadent!

Tags: chili's, geocaching, orange county, towns that are anal about residency

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