Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

Sunny day, approaching 80°F in the afternoon. Went geocaching on Long Island because I felt like it. I noticed that a few of the new geocaches were placed by employees. This company is headquartered on Long Island. I have a user account on but I haven't been using this online graphics suite. I should take another look at it.

There was a boy peeing mere feet away from where I subsequently found "DWD with a view". He was having a wild time peeing in an open area and swinging his stream all over the place. No shame at all. I had to wait for him to finish before I could look for the cache. When I found it, it was damp but I hope that wasn't because of pee. Ugh. Long Island, I am disgusted!

I finished the caches on my list a bit early but I couldn't resist getting another cache at Flushing Promenade before dinner since it's not far from Flushing Center. As usual, the Mets had taken over the closest parking lot so I had to park at the marina and take a half-mile walk to the cache site. Once I was done with that, I went to Flushing Center. I had prawn mee and roti canai at Curry Leaves. That was the flattest roti canai ever. Just one big sheet.

Tags:, curry leaves, flushing chinatown, geocaching, long island, public urination

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