Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Central Jersey, Third Tuesday, and Western NJ

Tuesday: Sunny and around 70°F. This was a Sue & Barry day. Most of the geocaches I found were placed by that team. What's great about their caches is each one is stocked with buttons or other small trinkets that fit the cache theme. So I took a long hike in South Mountain Reservation and collected a bunch of buttons. (When I got home, these buttons promptly went into a small box of memorabilia that I'll move to the new place.)

In the evening, I went to the Third Tuesday Beer and Burgers - 2009 Edition monthly geocaching event at Fuddruckers in New Brunswick. I only stayed long enough to trade travel bugs and say hello to the event regulars though. Since I had a birthday coupon, I went to On The Border, just across US-1, instead for dinner. I had pork tamale and chicken enchilada and the dip trio.

Wednesday: Cloudy with a 50% chance of rain, or so said the weather forecast. It didn't actually start raining until very late in the afternoon. The nice part about that is the temperature was around 60°F the whole day. Because of weather uncertainty, I went to Western NJ and did mostly quick geocaches, the R.I.P. (cemetery) series and the Route 31 series. For dinner, I used another birthday coupon from the stack of coupons. I went to Ruby Tuesday in Hackettstown and had blackened fish burger with salad bar.

About birthday coupons: Most restaurant chains have mailing lists for deals and specials these days. Birthday coupons are a marketing tactic, of course, but some of those are genuine freebies. If you sign up for those mailing lists, create a new email address and use that instead so that their periodic mailings don't spam your regular email.


Third Tuesday Beer and Burgers - 2009 Edition (New Jersey)
"Little INDIA" - A 2 Stage Cache (New Jersey)
Buckley's Walk (New Jersey)
It Takes Two (New Jersey)
Going green (New Jersey)
"Mini Mouse"-MicroCachoPhilia 4 (New Jersey)
It's Froggin' Time (New Jersey)
Ian Fleming's "JAMES BOND" Stamp Set Cache (New Jersey)
The Origin of "ROCK" (Music) - The Movie (New Jersey)
"Cent...." - The Movie (New Jersey)
Stretching Your Pennies, a cache for our times! (New Jersey)
The Original Bison Tube Cache (New Jersey)
Springtime, Bee Time... (New Jersey)
Dora the Explorer - A Kid's Kache - Ages 4 & up (New Jersey)
Found Nemo (New Jersey)


Geo-Cola #8 (New Jersey)
Shell Shock (Pennsylvania)
Geo-Cola #9 (Pennsylvania)
Fishing Hole Cache (New Jersey)
R.I.P. Belvidere (New Jersey)
R.I.P. - Montana (New Jersey)
R.I.P. - Summerfield (New Jersey)
Baskin & Route 31 #7 (New Jersey)
Baskin & Route 31 #6 (New Jersey)
Baskin & Route 31 #5 (New Jersey)
Baskin & Route 31 #1 (old 0) (New Jersey)
Baskin & Route, 31 #0 ( old Warren RR overpass) (New Jersey)
Baskin & Route 31 #-1 (New Jersey)
Baskin & Route 31 #-2 (New Jersey)
R.I.P. - Changewater - Murderer's Bridge (New Jersey)
R.I.P. - Mt. Lebanon (New Jersey)
R.I.P. - Port Murray (New Jersey)
R.I.P. - Rockport (New Jersey)
Heritage Cache (New Jersey)
JASC (New Jersey)
Merry-Go-Cache (New Jersey)

Tags: central jersey, fuddruckers, geocaching, on the border, ruby tuesday, third tuesday, western nj

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