Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Kingston and Central Jersey

Two days of fine weather. Around 70°F both days.

On Saturday, I went to Kingston. It's only halfway up to Albany from my place so it's not that far. I just haven't had time to visit that city in nearly two years. Well, I have time now and so I did. Just a few minutes in Kingston was enough to remind me why going there wasn't a top priority. The layout of uptown Kingston is confusing and annoying. Between the one-way streets and turn restrictions, I found myself making far more U-turns in parking lots than I should have needed. Dinner was at Arby's in Kingston to use another birthday coupon. I had a bacon and bleu roastburger and a jamocha swirl shake.

On Sunday, I went to Central Jersey. No cache marathon here. I was just picking at the odd cache here and there that I'd missed in previous trips. "Comic Book Trade" is a large chest set up behind an apartment complex for trading comic books. It's a great idea for a geocache and I wish I'd remembered to bring some comic books for trading. (or better yet, for leaving in this cache so I won't have to pack and move them!) Dinner was at Fuddruckers in New Brunswick to use... yes, another birthday coupon. (I still have 5 more but may not get around to using them all.) I had nachos with chicken and a cookies 'n cream shake.


Overhead, Underfoot (New York)
Ulster No. 5 Station 2 Heroes #4 (New York)
Close to Nothing's (New York)
POW (New York)
Feed the Seagulls (New York)
In Parallel Horizons (New York)
P.E. curbside cache (New York)
animal spit (New York)
Monument Micro Series: WWII Eagle Monument (New York)
Ruins of Camelot (New York)
Monument Micro Series: Delaware Ave. WWII Memorial (New York)
Monument Micro Series: WWII Ward 4 Memorial (New York)
Monument Micro Series: Vietnam Memorial (New York)
Neigh Horses (New York)
Monument Micro Series: WWII Globe (New York)
Dracula Awaits (New York)
Monument Micro Series: Governor Pieter Stuyvesant (New York)
No lions, tigers and bears! Oh my! (New York)
Hi Ho Hi Ho It's off to work I go (New York)
der Katze Meow (New York)


CJCC: X-Ray (New Jersey)
The Weedlin Seedlin of East Brunswick (New Jersey)
Cooper & Mannino Nano (New Jersey)
Geek Cache Too (New Jersey)
Mannino's Pez Party (New Jersey)
Comic Book Trade (New Jersey)
Goats Do Roam (New Jersey)
"The IRONBOUND" - A 2 Stage Cache (New Jersey)
Killer Turtles - Beware (New Jersey)

Tags: arby's, central jersey, fuddruckers, geocaching, kingston

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