Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Writer's Block: Do you prefer a tent or a luxury hotel?

Would you rather spend the weekend camping in the woods or at a luxury hotel? Why?

I've never camped in the woods. I get dirty enough just hiking in the woods and looking for geocaches that it would be a better idea to leave the woods to clean up. Also, I would rather not spend the night with the bugs, ticks, and chiggers. At the other extreme, I'm also not terribly fond of luxury hotels. There's the room cost, of course. Also, high-end hotels usually charge for wi-fi internet. A reasonably-priced motel on the level of Comfort Inn, Sleep Inn, or Ramada (when I can get a good room rate) would be more to my preference.

Speaking of which, I ought to check the room rate for the Newark/Wilmington Ramada since I have to be there in about a week.
Tags: camp, hippie, hotel, luxury, naturalist, outdoors, resort, writer's block
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