Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Upstate New York

There was a slight chance of rain but Wednesday and Thursday turned out to be two beautiful days of great weather. On Wednesday, I went to Dutchess County. There were some new geocaches in Fishkill and Wappingers Falls but I spent most of the day around Hopewell Junction before taking Route 55 towards Poughkeepsie. In the evening, I went to Palisades Center to finally claim my birthday coupon ice cream at Coldstone. I had mint ice cream with pecans.

On Thursday, I went up Route 17 / I-86 through Sullivan County. I stuck close to Route 17 because that's where I was confident phone reception would be good enough to look up cache listings on my cell phone. This is a rather scenic part of New York state. In Sullivan County, towns are few and far apart and you see miles and miles of scenery in between. (However, for me, this falls under the category of nice place to visit but not where I'd want to live.)

The coolest geocache of the day was RIP Good Friend!!! The cache owner parked his old Mitsubishi Montero in the middle of his parcel of land behind his house and turned it into a geocache. (Notice that it has been camo-painted and covered up with... uhh.. two sticks to hide it in the woods. :) ) There were markers inside for visitors to write their logs on the car itself. Travel bugs and cache items were stored on the front seat and laptop stand. I've been to some pretty big geocaches, but this is thus far the biggest one I've ever seen.

The Getty gas station on Route 17 northbound in Mahwah now has annoying car wax salesmen. I saw them on both Wednesday and Thursday. At least they knew I would say no and didn't bother me a second time on Thursday.


Where's the Fire? (New York)
Route 55 Series - James Bond Cache (New York)
BUR-AARP! (New York)
Route 55 Series FTF Challenge: Team Gilwell (New York)
4th Grade "Easy-Breezy" (New York)
Back to Basics (New York)
Doherty Park (New York)
Li'l Smokey's Hideaway (New York)
A Treemendous Goal (New York)
Habitat Cache (New York)
Hey Dawg - Where is your cache? (New York)
Georgia Connection #2 (New York)
Pells Bridge Cache (New York)
Hold up of the "Yonkers Sugar Special" (New York)
Log Only Cache (New York)
Welcome to the Farm (New York)
just another quickie # 3 (New York)
Where's Obvious One??? (New York)
It "Merritts" a Look (New York)


On the Beaverkill (New York)
World Famous Roscoe Cache (New York)
Special Trout (New York)
Flying Fish (New York)
Livingston Manor Covered Bridge Cache (New York)
willowWHATmoc?? (2) (New York)
Dixie Chicks (New York)
Loose Change! (New York)
Aviary #1 Bridgeville gotta pay the troll toll (New York)
Final Frontier (New York)
Welcome to Rock Hill (New York)
Downtown / Main St USA: Rock Hill, NY (New York)
A Gem of a Cache (New York)
RIP Good Friend!!! (New York)
wurtsboro cache n dash (New York)
Cache For Klunkers! (New York)

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