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House GET!

After a motel breakfast, the first thing on the agenda was to go with the buyer's agent to the house for a final walk-through. There, we just checked the list of things the seller needed to fix before the settlement. Nothing much to see, actually. Everything pretty much worked. There was electricity, gas, hot and cold water, and a full tank of heating oil. (The heating oil company had posted the receipt on the door.)

Then we went to the real estate lawyer's office in Wilmington. Signed all the paperwork and handed over a cashier's check with lots of digits. Because I didn't need a mortgage, my part of the paperwork took only about 5 minutes. Then the lawyer explained a couple of things about the title and home warranty. The seller handed over the keys for the house and shed. And that was pretty much it. From zero to 100% owner in less than half an hour!

I'd packed 3 boxes of stuff for this trip. So I drove it all over to the house and started unpacking. Also cleaned the countertops and cabinets with wet rags because there was some construction dust. In the evening, I took a look at the nearby Wawa store. Surprisingly, gas there is lower than the New Jersey average and only 4 cents higher than the cheap gas I got in Runnemede the day before. Definitely going to like this.

Then I went on a short geocaching spree, which still ended up being quite a number of geocaches anyway. Dinner was at Pinang Asian Cuisine, a Malaysian restaurant in northern Newark that I found on Yelp just the day before. Of course, I didn't expect the food to be as good as what I had in Flushing Chinatown but I thought they did well enough. It's certainly better than Rasa Sayang in Wilmington, which I'd reviewed on a previous trip. Service was very good. The manager himself made sure I had everything I needed. I had curry mee with young tofu and roti canai.

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