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I didn't have broadband installed at the house yet, so I haven't been posting anything, except on Twitter. After checking out of the motel, I started taking care of little things around the house.
  • Got some tools from the nearby Lowe's and started weeding the front yard. Also pruned a broken branch from the bush.
  • Got groceries at Pathmark (where the store layout is a mirror image of the Ramsey Pathmark and will take some getting used to) and started making meals in my new kitchen.
  • Installed a shower curtain rod so I could use the shower. (The house seller helpfully left behind a new shower curtain.)
  • Got a locksmith to install deadbolts on the front and back doors. This was actually on my homeowners insurance policy so I was making it legitimate.
  • Took delivery of the DSL equipment, ready for the service start date.
I spent the night at my new house. I don't have a bed there so I just used a sleeping bag on the carpet. The neighborhood is quiet at night. I could only hear the distant rumble of I-295. The house is a fairly comfortable place, although I'm not as good at sleeping on the floor as I used to be. It'll be a far more functional home once I've moved some furniture there.

Back to Jersey on Friday after taking care of a few things. Along the way, I made a little detour to attend the Branchburg geocaching event at Moe's. I had the Instant Friend, which is a vegetarian quesadilla.
Tags: branchburg, delaware, geocaching event, house, lowe's, moe's, pathmark

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