Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Cache Locally

Rainy day. However, I noticed that in my absence, 6 new geocaches had been listed nearby. So I went out after breakfast to do those. 2 were in Chestnut Ridge, 1 was in Suffern, and 3 were in Paramus. Since I was near Paramus Park Mall after the last 3 caches, I went in for lunch and had a Super Cheeseburger from Nathan's. The mall crowd was a lot lighter than I expected for a Saturday but the rain tends to keep people home.

After lunch, I went home and started writing online logs for those geocaches. Then I noticed that there was another new one near home. So I headed out again for "Ashisgol" at Campgaw Mountain. Unlike the other 6, which were basically park and grabs, this one is a 1-mile round trip hike in the woods. Not much of an elevation change on the silver trail though, so it was fairly easy.

I spent the rest of the day packing, both for tomorrow's mascot gig and for the next batch of stuff I'm bringing to the house when I go there next week to deal with broadband and trash haulers.

Tags: campgaw mountain, geocaching, nathan's, paramus, paramus park mall, suffern

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