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Morton Fox

Another 3 days in Delaware

One major disadvantage of not having internet at my new place is there is so much to catch up on when I get back to NJ.

Wednesday: Took another load of stuff down to the house. This time, I packed furniture, some books, a radio, a toaster, and more necessities. Did some geocaching along the way. I got as far as "WCW and the Mysterious Columbus Park" before realizing that I'd forgotten something rather critical so I turned back. Since I was turning back anyway, I decided to do the two new geocaches at Campgaw Mountain, Finding P' Bear 1 and 2, before getting out on the highway again. Yes, having furniture makes a lot of difference. Having to eat standing up was the worst part of my previous trip.

Thursday: Checked the DSL and it didn't work. Verizon guys in trucks (2 guys and 2 trucks! Geez.) came over to look at the hookup and concluded that I needed a new phone jack. A bit mad at them because they couldn't install that right there and then even though they spent the next hour outside idly chit-chatting. No, I had to place a new order for a different day. That is the procedure. Hrm. On the plus side, I was able to get a safe deposit box at TD Bank now that their system integration problems have cleared up. Then, since I couldn't do much more, I went geocaching. Found a bunch of Delaware Geotrail geocaches. It's a nice series of caches placed by the DE Tourism Office. All of those are pretty simple ammo box hides. Some are at museums I didn't know about and may be worth revisiting.

Friday: Time to go back to NJ again. Found some geocaches to the north of Wilmington. Then I actually went back to the house for lunch since I was still less than 3 miles away. Then I went to Northeast Philly and found many more geocaches before finally heading back into NJ.


Carpender cache (New Jersey)
I Can Haz Cheezeburger! (New Jersey)
Oak Ridge Cache Stop (New Jersey)
Jim Beam Tree (New Jersey)
Finding P' Bear? 1 (New Jersey)
Finding P' Bear? 2 (New Jersey)
WCW and the Mysterious Columbus Park (New Jersey)


Vice Presidential Cache (Delaware)
DGT Wilmington & Western RR (Delaware)
DGT Winterthur Museum (Delaware)
DGT Delaware Museum of Natural History (Delaware)
DGT Hagley Museum (Delaware)
Rockford Park Rocks! (Delaware)
DGT Delaware Art Museum (Delaware)
DGT Delaware Historical Society (Delaware)
DGT Old Swedes Church (Delaware)
DGT New Sweden Center at Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard (Delaware)
DGT New Castle Court House Museum (Delaware)


Patron Saint of Holmesburg (Pennsylvania)
Deja Vu (Pennsylvania)
Rhawnhurst Nano 1 of 4 - Cup O' Joe (Pennsylvania)
Rhawnhurst Nano 2 of 4 - Grocery Stop (Pennsylvania)
A. Centauri Castor Gardens (Pennsylvania)
BULLS EYE! (Pennsylvania)
Rhawnhurst Nano 4 of 4 - Golden Arches (Pennsylvania)
Rhawnhurst Nano 3 of 4 - Center of Rhawnhurst (Pennsylvania)
Stop it’s a Fox Chase Benchmark! (Pennsylvania)
rtmm11's loot (Pennsylvania)
Burholme, Philly hilltop with 30 mile views (Pennsylvania)
Kleinheinz Cache (Pennsylvania)
Theoricus Quod Votum (Pennsylvania)
Up the Hill! (Pennsylvania)
Play ball! (Pennsylvania)
Grubbtown (Pennsylvania)
Just Off The Horizon (Pennsylvania)
Wall of Flags Library (Pennsylvania)
P.O. Box - EdgeMoor (Delaware)
Sellers Park--West (Delaware)
Sellers Park--East (Delaware)
Mr Belvedere Cache (Delaware)
DGT Mount Pleasant Meeting House (Delaware)
DGT Rockwood Mansion (Delaware)

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