Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Delaware, Verizon Fail

Monday: Another trip to Delaware. Moved more boxes of stuff over to the house. I also moved the contents of my safe deposit box over to the bank branch in New Castle since TD Bank was open on Columbus Day. So I won't have to worry about that any more and I can close the safe deposit box in North Jersey at any time.

Tuesday: I had an appointment for a Verizon technician to install a wall jack for DSL. During the day, I confirmed the work order with tech support. So it was disappointing that no one came. That sucked. Really. I called them again in the evening and couldn't get a straight answer from them. Some Verizon departments could see but not access the work order while other departments didn't see a work order at all, so either their dispatch system is broken or they are incompetent. Anyway, since my DSL service hasn't been activated yet, I won't be billed. So I'm free to switch to their competition, which I'll do shortly.

Wednesday: Did some weeding in the backyard and packed out the yard waste to bring back to NJ. Found 19 geocaches in Northeast Philadelphia.

Tags: delaware, geocaching, northeast philadelphia, verizon
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