Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Furfright Day 0

I'd moved everything I packed to the car the night before so in the morning, all I needed to do was toss in a few last-minute items and leave. It wasn't that great a day for travel. The temperature was around 40°F and it was raining. Then when I got to Danbury, CT, the rain turned into a rain/snow mix. Nevertheless, I did find a bunch of quick geocaches in Danbury and Newtown along the way. The only odd one was "Newtown War Memorial". The cache listing had been archived by the cache owner because he couldn't find his own cache. I went to the cache site and started looking, and there it was! Go figure.

Arrived at Holiday Inn in Waterbury. There was a geocache right in the parking lot, so I just had to do that before checking in. After check-in, I was soon joined at my room by jbadger, my roommate. We went out in the snow and got the other geocache by the Costco behind the hotel and did a little shopping at BJ's Wholesale to pick up something that both of us had forgotten to bring. Then we returned to the hotel for a quick round of fursuiting before dinner at American Steakhouse. Both of us had T-bone steaks because of a 2-for-$17.99 special.

Returned to the hotel. I got my con badge just before registration closed. Then JBadger and I did another round of fursuiting until the hotel turned the atrium lights off at midnight. I didn't know they did that. I guess it's because I didn't stay up late enough on Thursday last year.

Tags: american steakhouse, connecticut, convention, furfright, furry, fursuiting, geocaching, waterbury

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