Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Returning from Furfright

I was at the Dead Dog Party until the last dance, which wasn't that late but it still meant that I didn't wake up terribly early the next morning. Packed up quickly, said a few goodbyes, and left the hotel. I started with a bunch of geocaches in Southington/Cheshire. Four hours later, I got cache #11000 in Meriden. Then I went down Route 15 to Orange to hit another big group of geocaches since a few locals had been busy placing caches there just a few months ago. Yeah, I took the long way home.

Dinner was at American Steakhouse in Bridgeport. I hadn't been to this one before but it's pretty similar to American Steakhouse in Norwalk and Waterbury. I had the seafood platter. As I was driving out of the parking lot, I noticed the car was lagging a bit so I reparked. Then I saw that the driver's side front tire was flat. Tried to change the tire myself but the lug nuts were too tight so I called AAA. The AAA truck happened to be just across the street at the time so that was fast.

Southbound on Route 15 (Connecticut)
Whatever You Do, Don't Find This Cache! (Connecticut)
What the Heck is THAT Doing in the Woods? (Connecticut)
Vertically Challenged (Connecticut)
An Altoids box stuck to a sign post (Connecticut)
Micro in the Cover (Connecticut)
Micro in the Rock (Connecticut)
Community Center (Connecticut)
Welcome to Orange (Connecticut)
A Bad Case of Caching (Connecticut)
The Cost of an Orange (Connecticut)
Wright's Wrong (Connecticut)
John Grover Wyman Park aka Blakeslee Field (Connecticut)
Can O'Woods (Connecticut)
SkyTrek HPGT (Connecticut)
Bring Your Swag-ger (Connecticut)
Sports & Nature 2 (Connecticut)
Simple One (Connecticut)
Chrisified's Spirit Quest #1 (Connecticut)
When Flashing Stop Ahead (Connecticut)
Southington Dog Park (Connecticut)
"Y" I can see the Light! (Connecticut)
Score S'more (Connecticut)
Rod Can #1 (Connecticut)
E(z) Simple (Connecticut)

Tags: american steakhouse, connecticut, furfright, geocaching

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