Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Kennedy Dells

I've been packing. There are boxes on every table now and some on the floor too. Funny thing is this place looks a lot better with nearly everything packed away in boxes. Maybe I shouldn't bother unpacking once I've moved the stuff over. :)

Since it was such a nice day, I took a break from packing to get some new geocaches at Kennedy Dells Park in New City. The first one I did was Warrior Bugs. It was about half a mile from parking but easy with little change in elevation. Then I went for Ammo Cans for Al, a 2-stage cache. I ran into Walkin' Ed at the first stage. He'd been searching for some time so I joined in the search and came up with the tough hide after some looking. Then we went to the 2nd stage together and were first to find. In fact, we were the only ones to complete this cache today because of the difficult 1st stage. And finally, the Kennedy Dells EarthCache, just a bit of sandstone geology.

After that, I went to Palisades Center Mall to pay the phone bill. I also got some Buffalo wings at TGI Friday's in the mall. Nice of them to send me this coupon for the appetizer. And my last stop of the day was at CVS to get a free chocolate bar. I was thinking of saving this CVS mailing list coupon for my next Delaware trip but I checked and there aren't a whole lot of CVS stores there, so I should use it here.
Tags: cvs, geocaching, kennedy dells, moving out, palisades center, tgi friday's
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