Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

To Delaware again

Rainy day yesterday. Even though I'd packed everything into that car that I'd wanted to bring, I still got off to a late start. I still couldn't resist picking off a few geocaches on the way to Delaware. (assuming that "on the way" means going through Northeast Philadelphia and using US-1 Business part of the way)

The main point of this trip is to get broadband installed in the house. Right away, I was more impressed with Comcast service than Verizon service. The appointment time window was very short, only 2 hours instead of the whole day that Verizon asked for and still missed. Comcast called twice, the evening before to remind me of the appointment and half an hour before the tech arrived. Better yet, he was early so he started working on it first thing in the morning. He ran another line from the pole, around the house, into the living room, and was done in about 90 minutes.

A bit of Comcast account setup later, the net connection was ready. Now the house feels more like a home. :)

Tags: broadband, comcast, delaware, geocaching
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