Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Delaware Local Caching

Nice sunny day on Monday. I'd taken care of most of the things around the house, so I went geocaching to finish off some of the nearby caches in New Castle and Newport. The good thing about actually starting to live in the area is I have the time to take a stab at some of the more difficult or time-consuming caches. If I were staying at a motel, I'd probably just hit the quick ones. "Bread" and "Coffee", in particular, were in a semi-swampy wooded area next door to a Wawa store. "Coffee" wasn't physically challenging but "Bread" was supposedly up a tree. I got there by sitting on a leaning tree trunk and slowly scooting up, which is a lot safer than walking up and trying to balance. It was rough on the seat of my pants. When I got up there, I couldn't find the cache and then I noticed that the cache had fallen to the ground. So I did that for nothing! It needs maintenance.

After that, I went home and packed up what little I needed to bring back to New Jersey. Heading up I-295, I missed the most obvious exit of all: US-1. So, after taking the back roads to get back on track, I decided I needed a little rest. I stopped at Penang in Princeton and had curry noodles. Now, I'm back at home packing again. Next trip, I'll bring more computer equipment since the house has broadband now.

Tags: delaware, geocaching, penang, princeton
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