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3rd of 15 minutes of fame, Somebody Beat The Wiz, and bubble tea comes to Malltown

The New York Times reporter called for some followup questions this afternoon. He also informed me that the article on New Jersey Gas Prices will be in Wednesday's paper in the Metro section.

Went to The Wiz this evening to pay my cable internet bill. Only problem is I could not pay the bill because the store was having a closing down sale! (So of course they shut the Cablevision counter.) Right now, the storewide discount is 10% so they still have most of their goods. I figure I could go back in a week or two for a better discount but with poorer selection. That's the discount/availability tradeoff. Odd thing is the website for The Wiz does not appear to mention anything about the entire chain of stores closing. Then again, it still says © 2001!

After that, I went across the parking lot to the Garden State Plaza. There's a new boba stand in the food court! Tried one and it's not bad at all, although I don't think it's worth paying nearly $4 per cup. Ouch.

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