Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Parental Visit

Saturday night, I went to Newark Airport to pick up my parents. They're visiting for a while and helping me to pack up, clean up, and move. The airport was annoying as usual. I thought my parents were late but they actually got the wrong directions to passenger pickup so they were waiting on the wrong level for a while. Apparently, there is another level for airport taxis that I can't get to. On Sunday, we did a lot of packing. It's going a lot faster with 3 people working on it. Continued packing on Monday and then loaded essential stuff into the car and drove out to Delaware.

On Tuesday, we did a lot of shopping. I had a 10% off moving special coupon from Lowe's so we got a lot from there, including a washing machine and a vacuum cleaner. The latter was sorely needed because of construction dust in the carpet and it was on sale and with the extra 10% off, it was a deal. We noticed later at Best Buy that this model was what the store itself used even though they don't sell it. Makes ya think. Also went to Walmart for some bathroom and room fixtures and checked out an Asian grocery in Wilmington. The latter was a bit of a disappointment because they didn't have soy milk. We'll have to go to Philadelphia Chinatown at some point.

On Tuesday night, we put up the curtains. Privacy at last! It's a bit of a hack though because we used tension rods instead of proper curtain rods. The reason is I don't have a working drill to make holes and put in screws. In fact, all the hooks and hangers I've put up so far were no-tool installations. We'll see how long those last.
Tags: best buy, delaware, lowe's, newark airport, parents, walmart

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