Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Back from Delaware and more packing

Wednesday was the day Lowe's delivered the washing machine. It's a big front-loader. Perhaps a little cramped at the back of the house -- the washer door opens up a bit into the kitchen -- but that'll do. All the dirty laundry was at the house so we ran two loads right away and hung the laundry up on an indoor clothes line in the 3rd bedroom. (which will probably become a storeroom) Did a lot of yardwork while waiting for the laundry to be done. Mostly raked leaves and pulled weeds. There wasn't much of a lawn yet to mow in the backyard.

Traveled back to North Jersey on Thursday. It was a rainy day but there wasn't any rain around Bordentown so I did 4 geocaches, all near US-130: IN A JIF, LINK 2, Lickety Split, Creepy Crawler. Hit some bad traffic on US-1 and the Parkway but I think it's normal for rush hour traffic. Nearly had an accident because someone cut out from a gas station right into my lane with very little room to spare.

Did a lot more packing on Friday. Also got rid of a lot of books, mostly computer books about obsolete software and hardware. While we were carrying those books out, a neighbor came to inquire about our activity. Apparently, she wanted to move to my apartment because it is bigger. Funny. I wasn't even aware there was rental demand for a place like this that is falling apart. Informed her that she may have to wait a month or two for the landlord to do a complete renovation because I've stayed here for 14 years and not much maintenance ever gets done in this apartment complex. (one of the reasons I'm moving out)
Tags: lowe's, moving out, packing, washing machine
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