Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

North Jersey - Even more packing, TwitVim lists support, Google Wave

If it seems I haven't been doing much lately, that's because it's mostly been packing up and cleaning out stuff from the apartment. In 14 years, I sure can accumulate a lot! I think we're nearing the end of it though. Also, either tomorrow or the day after, we'll take a load of toys, clothes, and kitchenware to the Goodwill donation center in Nanuet.

In the midst of packing, I snuck in a bit of work on TwitVim to add support for reading Twitter lists. Haven't written the documentation yet but it appears the lists API is still a little rough so there is no hurry. I think I'll have a bit more work to do soon to support the retweets API and home timeline. Apparently, I didn't stop having computer programming work to do after leaving the job. Funny that.

Also, I joined the Google Wave preview a week ago ( and only just started really using it today. If you need an invite, pass me an email address to send it to. Also, if you're already on Google Wave, let me know too. I'll add you to my contacts.
Tags: google wave, moving out, packing, twitter, twitvim

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