Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Epiphany Caching

sitaro-3 Sunny day and around 60°F so I decided to hit some local geocaches before returning to the endless work of packing and dejunking. The first one was Bridges of Rockland County in Sloatsburg. It's a scenic area with an old wooden bridge alongside the road bridge. There weren't many places at that street corner to hide a regular-sized cache but I must have been seriously off my game there because it took a while before I had an epiphany and found this tricky cache.

The next one was Sitting a'round' at a small park in valley Cottage. This too was a difficult cache. Checked a number of wrong spots. My epiphany this time came from watching some people who were passing through the park. I saw them looking at an object that was related in some way to the cache hiding spot and all of a sudden, I knew what to look for. Maybe this should be my new geocaching style. Forget about searching. Just observe random things until the right idea pops into my head.

After that, I stopped briefly at Palisades Center to run an errand. It's my last trip to this mall and I probably won't miss the bumpy parking garage. Then I went to the neighborhood TD Bank to get some singles for Where's George. Well, surprise! It was apparently Free Bag Day and they gave me a dark green TD Bank bag. So now I have both a Commerce Bank bag and a TD Bank bag. If this bank changes its name again, I'll be sure to stick around for another bag. :)
Tags: geocaching, palisades center, rockland county, td bank

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