Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The Big Move

The end to weeks and weeks of packing, boxing up, and cleaning out came Monday morning when the movers were supposed to get there. They were a little late and arrived in the afternoon. Once they got going though, they worked continuously. One guy tagged and inventoried all the boxes while the other two loaded those onto the truck. Then he joined in the loading process. It took them a few hours to get everything out because they had to go down a flight of stairs.

After the movers were done and left, we got rid of the last few things we wanted to throw out and hopped into the car. Left the keys in the landlord's mailslot since by that time, he had left his office. Our travel time was actually not too bad even though it rained along the way and we got to Delaware before the movers. Delivery was postponed to Tuesday morning because of the rain. Again, they were a little late because they said 8am but arrived a bit after 9am. But that wasn't too bad because I had time to take care of some after-move-in details. (e.g. canceling services at the apartment) Then the movers arrived and placed the boxes in the living room and the furniture in some of the other rooms.

For the rest of the day, we unpacked. Even though there were notes on the boxes, it was still hard to remember where certain items were. Fortunately, I knew which boxes had the most important things I needed. Because packing took weeks, I don't expect unpacking to be done in a day but we're getting there. In the evening, we went to Don Pablos for Taco Tuesday (an after-move celebration), followed by a quick tour of Christiana Mall. Then we went to Pathmark to use the "free turkey" register receipt coupon. I got that coupon a few weeks ago and I'd been saving it for after the move.

Wednesday: Raining but it's great to be here!
Tags: christiana mall, don pablos, moving, taco tuesday

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