Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Thanksgiving and after

Four days after the move and there are still lots of boxes in the living room to be unpacked but we're getting there. Didn't get the free turkey on Tuesday. The Pathmark bonus coupon was good for anything from the meat department so for ease of preparation, we got chicken instead. Thus, the first use of the gas oven was to make baked chicken thighs. We did the chicken drumsticks two days later.

It was a quiet Thanksgiving. We didn't head out early on Black Friday for the early bird sales. However, there were still plenty of interesting specials this weekend so we went out a little later. Found the Oh, Well geocache in New Castle along the way. For a cache rated 3 stars in difficulty, it actually wasn't that hard. But I still didn't see it the first time. In 46-degree weather though, I was glad it didn't take too long to find.

After the cache, we went to Walmart in Wilmington, Young's Oriental Grocery in Wilmington, Target in Brandywine, and Pathmark in New Castle. (had to stock up on groceries too) Also made a quick stop at Concord Mall just to check it out but there wasn't anything spectacular about that mall. Contrary to what one might expect, the shopping crowd wasn't really that bad. Sale items, at least the ones we were looking for, were still available and there was no wait to checkout at any of those stores.

Saturday: Did more unpacking and put more items in their correct places in the house. The dining table and living room lamps are now in place. Also wrapped some gifts and gathered up some toy donations for tomorrow's SJG event in Deptford.
Tags: black friday, concord mall, geocaching, pathmark, shopping, target, walmart

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