Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

2009 SJG Christmas Story geocaching event

I'd planned on attending the SJG Christmas Story geocaching event on Sunday but that was a dinner event, which meant I had a whole day to go geocaching in South Jersey! I had a bunch of geocaches loaded into my GPS. I don't think I went for those in the most efficient way though. I started out at Red Bank, near Woodbury. Then I got more geocaches over in Deptford, after taking care of a few errands in Runnemede. (since I knew where the bank and Wawa store are) Then I somehow ended up near Woodbury and Westville again.

In any case, that wasn't too far from the event so at sunset, I stopped geocaching and headed over to the restaurant. It was quite a crowd. We filled the party room. At this event, there was a Toys For Tots donation table and a White Elephant gift exchange. I'd just moved and I had lots of plush toys packed away in boxes, so I brought two bags of plush toys for donation. The toy donation table was a sight to behold. Lots of attendees brought toy donations so it was overflowing with toys. Evil Chicken wrote in his event log that they took 2 full shopping carts of toys into Toys R Us in Deptford and filled the Toys For Tots bin there. I also had two wrapped gifts for the gift exchange. As for food, I had lots and ice cream too.

Near the end of the event, there was a raffle for door prizes. My ticket was called and I picked a first aid kit in a bottle from the prize table. Then I got a flashlight in the gift exchange. Both prizes are useful but I figure as long as I come home with less stuff than I brought there, it's good for clutter control.

Tags: geocaching, geocaching event, south jersey, toys for tots

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