Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

New Castle Library

Went to New Castle Public Library today to get my library card. The first challenge was to find the library. When I got to the library's address in downtown New Castle, I saw the entire front of the building fenced off for construction. Called their phone number and found out that they had temporarily moved one block down the street to one of the historic buildings. (I think it was the opera house.) The library card application process was pretty simple. I brought the application form that I'd printed out from their website and showed the librarian my driver's license and electric bill to prove my residence. That was it. I got a wallet library card and a keychain tag. Didn't check out any books this time though. I'll save that for later.

After that, I went and found 3 geocaches within a few miles of home:

Susie's Care Cache (Delaware)
Take Me Out to the Ball Game (Delaware)
College Cache1 Born Again as Nano (Delaware)
Tags: delaware, geocaching, library, new castle
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