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I solved a few puzzle caches at home yesterday and so today, I found two of them on my way to the supermarket, assuming that I intended to shop at Pathmark in Newark instead of New Castle. :) The first of the two was "OYR" Wanna Be in Newark, De. It was a pretty simple puzzle once I realized what restaurant "OYR Wanna Be" was referring to. The second one was A Few Good Books in downtown Newark. The questions in this puzzle are meant to be answered at the Newark Free Library but with some web research, I was able to find all the answers before heading out there. Only question B posed a challenge but the answer is on at least one website.

The Newark Pathmark is right across from the library so that was a good place to stop and pick up some groceries. Also went to the Chinese supermarket in downtown Newark and got, among other things, some vegetable buns. Then I took a different way home and picked up Sleep Less Cache More, a cache-and-dash style geocache.
Tags: geocaching, newark, pathmark, wang's oriental food market
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