Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Why I'm Not A Food Critic VII

Weird day today. Came in to work and the video card was busted so any white area on the screen would have shadows on it. This seems to happen every two years or so. I'm surprised it was still under warranty! Stick it to Dell Support. :) Anyway, I think if I set the colors to black text on black background, moved into a room with no windows and the walls, ceiling and floor all painted black, and used only a blacklight for lighting then maybe the display would look okay.

The Cablevision service center in Mahwah is in an office building shared with a few other companies. I noticed there was a drop box outside, but since I wanted to pay the bill in cash, I went in. And I was surprised to hear a disembodied voice say hello. Oh, the clerk was at the counter I couldn't see at the end. Not too bad. No lines. No waiting. Quick and easy. I think I'll check out the service center in West Nyack another month.

Went to Stir Crazy in the Palisades Center Mall again this evening. Didn't order the signature create-your-own dish this time as I wanted to try a few other things. The chicken satay was okay but the style wasn't Malaysian. (all satay must be judged by that greasy, charred standard :) ) I don't think it's worth the cost though as you don't get enough chicken kebabs. And it comes with a mound of veggies (looks like an onion/cabbage salad) that don't go well with it. The Thai curry bowl, on the other hand, was good. It is a fair approximation of curry laksa although the choice of ingredients was odd. The broccoli looked a bit out of place in there! But that's a good attempt. I'll try other dishes on my next visit. This time I noticed that pairs of giant chopsticks formed part of the interior decor. Egads!

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