Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

US-13 Strip Mall Crawl

Did a strip mall crawl yesterday. There are lots of strip malls a bit down US-13 from my place but I never got a chance to see all the stores because I've been busy and every trip out from the house has been for something specific or for something that was planned. I didn't have too much to do yesterday and the weather was fine, so I thought I'd get to know the area better.

The first store after the I-295 ramp is Wawa. I've been there, at least. Then, there's a strip mall with a Popeye's, except that the first two letters are missing from the sign so it's a "Peye's" restaurant. :) Then came the best part: The Entenmann's Bakery Outlet. They had quite a lot of $1 deals on bread, cakes, danishes, and donuts. I just got a loaf of bread for now, but one idea I had is any time I go to a pot-luck picnic or party, I can stop at this Entenmann's store on the way, since it's so near, and pick up a discounted cake. Doesn't matter that it's near the expiration date if we're going to eat it the same day.

Next strip mall after that has a Happy Harry's Discount Drugs, which has been a Walgreen's in disguise since the acquisition. I'd never seen this drugstore chain until my first trip to Pennsville but now it's the closest drugstore to home. Last two stops of the day were to Home Depot for a saw and to Pathmark for a few grocery items.

We had to clean up a tangle of vines and short trees at the back fence line. Hence the need for a saw. I'd like to talk to the backyard neighbors about this too because some of the tree branches are leaning far into their backyard and tangled up with their trees, but I've never seen them outside. Anyway, we removed what we could and did some weeding this afternoon. Tomorrow should be interesting.
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