Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Tuesdays with Tacos

The way errands work around here now is I think of something I need to do. Then I add something else that's along the way, and something else, and something else, until it's practically a full day. The initial errand was a recycling run, which I decided to do at the Route 1 & 273 Park and Ride because it's Tuesday and I could add a late Taco Tuesday lunch at Don Pablos near the Christiana Mall. Then I had a MySurvey check to deposit. Then I also had a 10%-off Staples coupon to use. And then there was also a geocache I could visit between the bank and shopping. So you can see how my itinerary formed.

The geocache in question was Cursed of the FTF #4 (DE Edition). It's at a boat ramp on the Christina River. The boat ramp was covered in snow and ice. The parking area wasn't much better but I didn't have too much of a problem driving on the snow. I've been to this location before but couldn't do the cache because the police was right there. Well, guess what? The county police was parked there this afternoon too. May even be the same fellow. We went ahead and grabbed the cache anyway, figuring that it'd be easier to explain what we were doing than to come again yet another time. Police officer didn't say anything. He wasn't even watching. So that was fine. It has occurred to me that I don't really know what police in this area think of this activity. I've read lots of geocaching logs for caches in this area and I can only recall one bad confrontation and that happened because the ice cream store had a robbery shortly before someone went to look for the cache in the woods behind it.

After the geocache and some shopping (had to deal with some shopping traffic, especially in the last half mile to the mall), it was time for Taco Tuesday. I had 14 tacos this time, 2 more than my previous record. I could finish those tacos comfortably but that 14th taco did prevent me from finishing the rice and refried beans. Next time, I'll stop at 13.
Tags: don pablos, geocaching, mysurvey, recycling center, staples, taco tuesday, td bank

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