Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Rehoboth Beach and outlet malls

Sunny and 34°F. The goal of the day was to go to the Tanger outlet malls in Rehoboth Beach. Of course, there's no reason why I couldn't find a bunch of caches along the way since the outlet stores would be open for at least 5 hours after dusk. I cherry-picked geocaches that I thought would be findable even with snow on the ground. That's not always easy to determine beforehand though. Two geocaches I had doubts about turned out to be easy because those were in spots that happened to be sheltered from snow. The most unusual thing I saw today was a Futuro house at "Tomorrow's House from Yesterday - 2". I've seen another one like this at Mill Creek Park in Beverly, NJ.

The Tanger outlet stores are split into 3 locations: 2 outlet malls in Rehoboth Beach roughly across the road from each other and another outlet mall 1.8 miles away. That made shopping a bit tricky. I had to get a store directory to find out which stores are in which outlet mall and plan accordingly. I have to say though that outlet shopping isn't all it's cut out to be. Most of the deals aren't that great. In some cases, I noticed that I could get the same item for less in a regular store if I used coupons or waited for store specials. Anyway, we got what we went there for and just spent the rest of the time browsing.

Tags: geocaching, rehoboth beach, sussex county, tanger outlet mall
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