Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

West Chester

Sunny and 48°F. Went geocaching northwards into West Chester and then westwards to East Bradford and West Bradford. I haven't been to West Chester in years. The last time I found a large bunch of geocaches in this area was back when Anthrocon was in King of Prussia. After the con, I headed west on US-202 to West Chester and then on US-1 to Kennett Square, where I witnessed an auto accident while I was sitting in my car having dinner. But that's an old story. I don't think very much has changed except there are more geocaches now. What's nice about this area though is one can actually find regular-sized geocaches in the middle of town, where normally, one would only expect micros. In particular, I was surprised that "The Golden Ram", on the West Chester University campus, has not been vandalized or stolen since I was able to see it from some distance away. "Fame-ous Cache" is another nice regular-sized urban cache. I went to the location and asked for "the box" and someone from the firehouse pointed me to it.

In the evening, we went to Target in Brandywine to take a look at the after-Christmas sales. The 50%-off items were travel games, a small selection of plush toys, ornaments, and candy -- lots and lots of candy! I thought some of those chocolates were worth buying. I didn't need the rest of the clearance items. We may go down to the other Target store in Dover later this week to see if anything else is on clearance.

Tags: geocaching, pennsylvania, target, west chester
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