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Friday Five


What's something that's better when the newness has worn off?
Plush toy. Gets softer after a little use.

What's something you already own that could stand to be replaced by the newer version?
Cell phone, I guess. Desktop computer is also very old.

What's something that was better before someone made it "new and improved"?
Friendfeed. I guess I'm one of the minority who still prefers the original version over the new real-time version.

Edit: Brightkite is a better example. After their "upgrade" to Brightkite 2.0, it stopped accepting Sprint Picturemail and the mobile website didn't work half the time.

Of geographic locations whose names begin with the word "new," which seems like the most interesting place to visit?
New York City, although I'd just go to Flushing Chinatown and skip the rest of it. (except for geocache sites, that is) If I had to pick a place I've never been to, I'd try New Zealand.

On what date will 2010 no longer feel like the new year?
January 4, when the weekend is over.

From thefridayfive:

1. What do you do when you can do no more?

2. What activity recharges your inner battery?

3. What was the last time you acted selflessly?
Hard to say. I gave away a lot of things this holiday season but that was motivated by the need to clear out some closets, so it wasn't entirely selfless.

4. What was the last time you were given a gift?
White Elephant gift exchange at a geocaching event in November.

5. What does a pet give you?
Love. Also poop. :)
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