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pi day Friday and Why I'm Not A Food Critic VIII

Got interviewed on the phone by CBS News this morning for New Jersey Gas Prices and gas price spotting. It's radio so I have no idea when that came on, if at all.

Went with a friend to Eleni's Pancake House in Montvale for lunch. It's on Grand Avenue, next to the Octagon House and across from the post office. (Not that any of that makes sense unless you live here. :) The octagonal building was formerly the mayor's residence/office but is now occupied by a limo company.) The name aside, the restaurant looks pretty much like an average NJ diner on the inside.

Unless you're hungry, do not order the Ranch Hand's Special. That's five pancakes, three eggs and a load of bacon, ham, sausages or Canadian bacon. I brought one of the sausages back to work for a snack. It looks like they have lots of other diner-type dishes so I'll try something else the next time I go there.
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