Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Delaware/Pennsylvania State Line

Cloudy and 34°F. Went geocaching near the Delaware/Pennsylvania state line this afternoon. (more an arc than a line) Came up from Wilmington to Brandywine and then crossed over to Concordville and Media on the Pennsylvania side. "Grandpa's Cache" is apparently within a few feet of the state line, judging by the state line marker near the cache. So that's a pretty cool location, even if the area is otherwise an unremarkable patch of woods between two residential areas. Aside from a few caches I decided not to attempt, the most difficult cache of the day was "Eertaniton". I had no idea where to look until I read a subtle hint in one of the online logs. Then I knew.

Ended the day with a bit of shopping in the Concord Mall / Concord Square area along US-202 since it was on the way home.

Tags: delaware, geocaching, pennsylvania
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