Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Friday Five

From thefridayfive:

1. What did you dream about last night?
I don't remember.

2. Do you record your dreams in your blog or a journal?
I've done that but not consistently. I collected some dreams on my website a long time ago. Also posted some on Livejournal as Mindwarp entries. More recently, I started a Friendfeed private feed for these.

3. Do you think dreams are messages our bodies are trying to tell us? If so, are you real big on trying to interpret all the details?
Not usually and no.

4. Do you remember your first nightmare?
No, I don't.

5. Have you ever had a recurring dream? If you did, what was it and what do you think it meant?
I've had dreams in which I was back in school. That happened for many years after I left school. Then those were replaced by dreams in which I was at a convention and somehow missed every single event there.


What's something you wear only when you're just about out of clean clothes?
I have never come close to being out of clean clothes. I suppose I'd wear one of those cheesy tourist shirts from either Long Beach Island or NYC.

Who's someone you hang out with only if nobody else is available?
I don't normally hang out with anyone so this is a tough question to answer.

What's something you eat only when the budget is really, really tight?
I've made rice and beans just for fun so that's not a good answer.

Who's someone you call for help only if you absolutely must?
911 because it has to be reserved for serious emergencies.

What's something you'll watch on television only because it's slightly better than watching nothing?
I just won't watch TV then. Slightly better than nothing is not worth the time.
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