Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Insulation, problems in the old country, and work

This afternoon, we laid down the remaining 5 rolls of insulation in the attic and took out the rest of the junk. That took care of the area over the kitchen and dining room. I estimate we'll need 10 more rolls of insulation based on the remaining area so the whole job could be done for under $150, which isn't bad. Of course, I'll have to check if either Lowe's or Home Depot has a special before buying more.

I'm somewhat concerned over the recent incidences of religious extremism and violence back in the old country. It doesn't matter what one's faith is. There is no reason to firebomb churches. What's even more puzzling is the reason for the conflict. The attacks began after a High Court decision allowing a Catholic newspaper to use the word "Allah" in its Malay-language edition. This is not an issue in other Muslim countries (the article gives Syria and Egypt as examples) where the Arabic word is commonly used by Christians to describe God, so why is it such a problem back in Malaysia?

On the job search front, there has been a pickup in activity after the holiday lull. Got a bunch of calls and emails today over my resume posting. I followed up with the ones that seemed legitimate. There was also quite a bit of spam. Does everyone listed on the job boards get recruiter emails about insurance sales jobs? I doubt they even read my resume except maybe to extract my email address.
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