Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Ducky's Winter Shindig, II

Cloudy and 50°F. Went out to Giuseppe's Pizza Restaurant in Warminster, PA, for the Ducky's Winter Shindig, II geocaching event. It was a lunchtime event so we did a few geocaches on the way there and more geocaches after the event. It was a good event. Our group filled up the party room so we started using the adjacent dining area as well. Met up with a lot of folks I hadn't seen in more than a year because I skipped the SEPAG picnic in 2009. Now that I'm closer to this area, I think I can attend more SEPAG events throughout the year. I had a pork roll sandwich and fries.

Resumed geocaching after the event. There was a mix of easy and hard geocaches. Two of them were problematic, not because they were hard to find but because once found, they were hard to extract. My little trick for getting "Duck Overlook" from its hole was to use a small piece of duct tape to lift it out. Left the tape in place to make it easier for the next visitor to retrieve.

Slipped and fell on the slippery leaf-covered mud at "Hampton Hunt". It wouldn't be so bad if my pants got muddy but my phone broke too. So the rest of the day was GPS-only with no phone to look up cache info and hints. Still was able to find some but left the rest for another trip. When I got home, I got the spare phone from the closet and activated it online. It was ready for use within about an hour, so that's that. Anyway, this is why I use a somewhat outdated Razr. Used and refurbished Razrs are inexpensive and abundant on eBay so I can get a replacement any time I break one of these in the woods.

Another noteworthy thing that happened today was at "M...A.M.A.A.W.M." There were police in the parking lot and one of them came over to ask if we were geocaching. He already knew about it, which is great because it saves some explaining.

Tags: cell phones, geocaching, geocaching event, pennsylvania

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