Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Phones and Evernote

Already bought a replacement spare phone on eBay. The auction ended at $20, which is a bit lower than the usual $25-30 for this model of used phones. Free shipping too and I believe this is the same seller as the last time. Funny, I was about to pay for it when I saw that I hadn't updated my credit card info at Paypal. I thought I did that when it expired and the new card arrived in the mail but apparently not.

Got some yardwork done this afternoon. Collected all the fallen branches in the backyard and chopped those up ready for the yard waste drop-off center. Also cleaned the rain gutters.

Then in the evening, I did more work on the Evernote Delicious bookmarks import script. It's yet another of those little projects I haven't been talking about until it's almost done. What it does is it takes an export file from Delicious, parses it, and uses the Evernote API to create a notebook with one note for each bookmark. There's a lot more under the hood, mostly to handle rough patches in the Evernote API. For example, the API has a predefined set of error codes but once in a while, it throws a fit and produces a weird error. The script has to be robust enough to handle that too. Also, as I found out on one particularly long run of the script, the authentication token has to be refreshed periodically. This whole exercise shouldn't be necessary because Evernote had its own Delicious import feature but that seems to have disappeared from the UI. Regardless, I've learnt a lot of things that I can use in other Evernote automation projects.
Tags: cell phones, delicious, evernote, yardwork
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